Bobble Diamonds Throw Free Crochet Pattern

Bobble Diamonds Throw Free Crochet Pattern

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Bobble Diamonds Throw Free Crochet Pattern


Would you like to make a cool, cozy throw blanket? Well, Sara Dudek has a pattern called “Bobble Diamonds Throw” that’s just perfect! This pattern is all about making a playful design using bobbles and crochet stitches.


What’s special about it?

  • You’ll get to practice making bobble stitches, which are like little puffy balls.
  • You’ll learn how to follow a crochet chart, which is like a map for your stitches.
  • Even if it sounds tricky, it’s actually easier than you think!

How does it look?
The throw has a cool geometric pattern that looks like diamonds. You make it by using two types of stitches: half double crochet and bobble stitches. The chart will show you exactly where to put those bobbles. And guess what? You’ll love working on this project with soft yarn, so it’ll be super comfy too! It’s a fun and creative way to make your very own cozy blanket.


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