Crochet Clutch Cross Bag Tutorial


Crochet Clutch Cross Bag Tutorial

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Crochet Clutch Cross Bag Tutorial

In the video, Adele shows how to make a stylish clutch bag using crochet techniques. The bag has a bumpy, three-dimensional pattern that looks beautiful and sturdy. The sides of the bag have a handle pattern, giving it a complete design. It’s a small bag suitable for holding a phone and some small items. It can be used both as a clutch by hand and as a crossbody bag by attaching a strap.

To make this bag, you’ll need crochet tools, including an embossed crochet hook (size 8), magnetic buttons, and open rings. Adele explains how to start with a chain stitch and progress to shorter crochet stitches, creating a textured pattern. She demonstrates how to maintain tension and check the length of the stitches for a neat look.

The video guides you on how to crochet the bag’s body, starting with a chain stitch, then transitioning to shorter stitches to form a pattern. Adele shows how to repeat these stitches to create a fabric for the bag. She emphasizes paying attention to details like maintaining the stitch count and checking the remaining loops to ensure accuracy.

Throughout the tutorial, Adele demonstrates step-by-step instructions, explaining how to crochet each stitch and how to continue building the bag’s body.

Overall, the video teaches how to create a trendy and practical clutch bag using crochet techniques, suitable for beginners who want to make a stylish accessory using yarn and crochet hooks.


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