Crochet Flower Bouquet Tutorial for Beginners



Crochet Flower Bouquet Tutorial for Beginners

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Crochet Flower Bouquet Tutorial


This video tutorial teaches how to crochet a flower bouquet using simple steps. The first flower shown is lavender. They use a specific hook size (3.75 millimeters) and lightweight yarn (weight 3) to crochet the lavender. They start with a slip knot and then chain 58 stitches to form the base of the lavender. Then they create ruffles using double crochet stitches and slip stitches. These ruffles are repeated along the chains until they form the lavender flowers. Four of these lavender pieces are made for the bouquet.

The second flower shown is the tulip, made with the same hook and yarn. They use a magic ring technique to start and then crochet single crochets in the ring. They increase the stitches to form the tulip shape, working in rounds and increasing the stitches until they reach 20 in a round. This is repeated for 13 rounds to create the tulip shape, then closed off with slip stitches and sewing to shape.

The third flower demonstrated is the white poppy. They begin with a slip knot, chain, and then crochet single crochets with chain spaces to create petals. They work in gaps, creating three half-double crochets with chain spaces and slip stitches to form the petals. These are repeated in each gap along the chain.

To assemble the bouquet, they use floral wire, glue, and yarn to wrap the stems. They cut the flowers to desired lengths, wrap them in yarn, secure with glue, and attach them to the stems. Finally, they wrap the bouquet in brown paper and secure it with twine.

Overall, the tutorial shows how to crochet three different flowers (lavender, tulip, and poppy), assemble them into a bouquet using wire, and wrap it in paper for a finished look.


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