Crochet Flower Coasters and Pot Tutorial


Crochet Flower Coasters and Pot Tutorial

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Crochet Flower Coasters and Pot Pattern

The video is about making crochet flower coasters that can transform into a cute flower pot. Bruna shows how to crochet the coasters using different colored yarns and stitches. She starts with a magic ring and double crochets to create the coaster base. Then, she adds petals using a unique technique to form flowers on top of the coaster. After completing the coasters, she demonstrates how to make a sturdy pot using a different technique, gradually increasing stitches to form the pot’s shape.

Finally, Bruna shows how to fold the coasters and place them inside the pot, turning the set into a decorative item. She emphasizes that it’s a great handmade gift as it serves both as decoration and functional coasters. The video ends with a reminder to like, subscribe, and watch more crochet tutorials.

In summary, the video teaches how to crochet cute flower-shaped coasters that can be stored in a handmade pot, creating a functional and decorative set.


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