Crochet Fox Mason Jar Cozy Tutorial


Crochet Fox Mason Jar Cozy Tutorial

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Crochet Fox Mason Jar Cozy Pattern

The tutorial is about making a cute cover for a mason jar that looks like a fox. The author wanted to crochet something pretty to cover their jar with a candle inside. They had a problem with their crochet tools getting too heavy for a bag on the wall, so they decided to use mason jars instead. They were inspired by a T-shirt that said “Crafty like a fox” to create a fox-shaped cover for the jar.

To make this cozy, you’ll need yarn in cream, orange, and black colors, a crochet hook, a mason jar, and a tapestry needle. The instructions give step-by-step crochet directions to create the fox cover for the jar, including making the ears, nose, and eyes.

The author is happy to share the instructions but asks that no one sells the pattern or claims it as their own. They encourage people to use the pattern for personal use or to sell finished products at craft fairs or online, giving credit to their website.

In simple words, it’s a fun way to decorate a jar using crochet to make it look like a cute fox, and the instructions are shared for people to make their own.

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