Crochet Raglan Granny Shrug Bolero Sleeves Tutorial


Crochet Raglan Granny Shrug Bolero Sleeves Tutorial

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Crochet Raglan Granny Shrug Bolero Sleeves Pattern

The video is a tutorial by Heather, also known as “Hey Hey Crochet.” She demonstrates how to make a versatile garment called a “Shrug” or “Bolero” using a crochet technique called the Granny Stitch. She mentions using different types of yarn, even altering the pattern for various yarn thicknesses. Heather explains that the design is adjustable for any size, highlighting that she made multiple shrugs in a week.

She starts by creating a wide neckline with 72 chains and then works in rounds, forming clusters of double crochet stitches and chain spaces to create the garment’s body. Heather emphasizes that the number of rounds depends on the wearer’s size, ensuring the corners comfortably reach under the armpits.

After completing the body, she connects the corners to create the front, back, and armholes. Then she demonstrates crocheting sleeves, suggesting about 32 rows but mentioning adjustments based on personal preference and yarn thickness.

Lastly, Heather finishes the shrug by neatening the neckline with a round of single crochet stitches. She suggests weaving in the ends to complete the project.

Overall, Heather’s tutorial shows how to crochet a versatile shrug using the Granny Stitch technique, allowing customization for various sizes and yarn types.


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