Crochet River Dahlia Top Tutorial – Free Crochet Pattern


This video is a crochet tutorial on how to make a crop top called the “River Dahlia Top.” The person making the video is named Kelsey, and she provides step-by-step instructions on how to create this top. To follow along, you’ll need some crochet supplies like a 5mm crochet hook, scissors, a yarn needle, and worsted weight yarn (cotton is recommended for summer crop tops).

Kelsey starts by making a slip knot and chaining 16 stitches to create the base of the top. Then she demonstrates how to crochet rows to form two triangle cups, connecting them in the middle. After that, she adds rows to create the bottom part of the top.

Next, she works on the neckline and straps, chaining about 200 chains for each strap. She joins the straps to the top, weaves in the ends, and shows how to lace up the back of the top.

In summary, this video teaches how to crochet a stylish crop top, explaining each step clearly so you can follow along and make your own. It’s a fun DIY project for those who enjoy crocheting and making their own clothes.

Crochet River Dahlia Top Tutorial


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