Crochet Tote Bag Diamond Tutorial


Crochet Tote Bag Diamond Tutorial

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Crochet Tote Bag Diamond Tutorial

The video on the NITKA KZ channel shows Zhanara teaching how to crochet a Tote Brilliant bag using knitted yarn. The bag dimensions are 27 cm in height and 33 cm in width. Zhanara demonstrates creating a beautiful jacquard pattern, adding a briefcase clasp, making long handles, and sewing a lining into the bag. She recommends specific yarn and tools for this project.

The crocheting process involves creating the base, crocheting the sides of the bag with different colors, forming a triangle pattern, and then adding rows to complete the bag’s body. Zhanara explains how to crochet the bag handles and attach a briefcase clasp. Additionally, she provides guidance on sewing a lining for the bag.

Zhanara finishes the video by showcasing the completed bag and encourages viewers to share their creations on Instagram. The tutorial requires attention to detail and patience but results in a large and beautiful bag made from knitted yarn.


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