Crochet Wrist Bag Tutorial for Beginners


Crochet Wrist Bag Tutorial for Beginners

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Crochet Wrist Bag Tutorial

The video describes making a wrist bag using crochet. It starts by explaining how to create the base of the bag in a circular pattern. It uses different stitches and techniques to gradually increase the size of the bag and create a decorative pattern on it. After completing the body of the bag, it explains how to make the strap and attach it to the bag. Overall, it’s a guide to creating a simple and elegant wrist bag using crochet techniques.

In simpler terms, it’s a set of instructions to make a small bag that goes around your wrist using a special way of knitting. It talks about making the bottom, adding more stitches to make it bigger, creating patterns on it, making the strap, and finally joining it all together to finish the bag.

It ends by saying that this is the end of the instructions and invites the reader to join them for the next set of instructions in the future.


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