Cute Cat Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern


Cute Cat Granny Square - Free Crochet Pattern

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Cute Cat Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern

Do you like cats and enjoy crocheting? Have you ever wanted to make a special pillow with a cat design? Well, here’s some exciting news for you! You can create your very own cat-themed crochet square, and it’s super fun! Plus, you can customize it to make all sorts of adorable kitties.


Materials You’ll Need:

  • Any type of yarn and an appropriate-sized crochet hook.
  • Different colors of yarn for your cat’s fur and background.
  • A pair of safety eyes (or you can use beads or black yarn).
  • A tapestry needle for sewing.
  • Scissors.

Difficulty Level:
If you’re a beginner and you’re feeling adventurous, this pattern is perfect for you! It might introduce you to some new crochet techniques, but nothing too tricky.


When you use a 4mm crochet hook, your finished square will be about 10x10cm (4×4 inches).


The pattern uses UK crochet terms. Here’s a list of abbreviations used in the pattern and their US equivalents.

  • BLO: back loops only
  • ch(s): chain(s)
  • dc: double crochet (in the US, it’s single crochet)
  • dc2tog: double crochet 2 stitches together (decrease)
  • FLO: front loops only
  • rnd(s): round(s)
  • RS: right side
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • sp(s): space(s)
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • tr: treble (in the US, it’s double crochet)
  • WS: wrong side

Important Note about Blocking:
Blocking is a process to shape and stretch your crochet work. This pattern suggests blocking to keep your square from curling. Some yarns respond better to blocking than others, so keep that in mind when choosing your materials.


Pattern Overview:
The pattern provides instructions for creating a background square and a cute cat. You’ll crochet the square and then attach the cat to it. You can customize your cats with different colors and even add stripes, fluffy yarn, or other details. You can use the squares to make a pillow cover or other creative projects.


Remember to share your creations on social media with the hashtag #manycatssquare and tag the designer @ponymctate. Have fun crafting your adorable cat squares! 🐱🧶


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