Cute Crochet Love Coaster Tutorial


Cute Crochet Love Coaster Tutorial

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Cute Crochet Love Coaster Pattern



The video tutorial is about making heart-shaped coasters using crochet. Sofia explains that the written instructions for making these coasters are available for free on the Hooked On Patterns website. To make these coasters, you’ll need some specific yarn and a crochet hook. Sofia demonstrates how to crochet the coasters in different rounds, starting with chaining stitches and then adding single crochet stitches in various patterns. Each round increases the number of stitches to shape the coaster into a heart. She explains how to finish off the coaster neatly and suggests blocking the finished coasters by steaming them to make them flat and smooth.


In summary, the video teaches how to crochet heart-shaped coasters using specific yarn, crochet techniques, and following step-by-step instructions available on the Hooked On Patterns website.


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