Easy Crochet Boho Jar Cover Tutorial

Easy Crochet Boho Jar Cover Tutorial

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Easy Crochet Boho Jar Cover Pattern

The video is about making decorative covers for jars using crochet. The
covers are designed to make jars look pretty and can be a good way to
recycle jars you have at home. The video shows two styles: one with long
fringe and another with tassels. The cover is crocheted from the top
down in rounds. The pattern involves making stitches called v-stitches
and cluster v-stitches in a specific sequence. The size of the cover is
adjusted based on the size of the jar. The video demonstrates different
rounds and increasing stitches to create the cover. After completing the
rounds, the final step involves adding fringe or tassels to the bottom
edge of the cover. The tutorial encourages viewers to customize the
cover to their liking and suggests the finished cover as a great gift

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