Easy Crochet Mini Pumpkins Free Pattern

Easy Crochet Mini Pumpkins Free Pattern

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Easy Crochet Mini Pumpkins Free Pattern

Imagine creating your very own adorable mini pumpkins using the art of crochet! In this exciting project, you’ll dive into the world of yarn and hooks to craft these charming decorations. All you’ll need are two different colors of yarn (pick your favorites!), a 4mm crochet hook, some fluffy stuffing called poly-fil, trusty scissors, and a helpful tapestry needle.

Don’t worry if some of these terms sound unfamiliar; we have a crochet key to guide you:

  • CH (Chain) – Think of it as creating a yarn necklace.
  • SS (Slip Stitch) – A way to connect stitches.
  • SC (Single Crochet) – The basic building block of crochet.
  • BLO (Back Loop Only) – A neat technique for texture.

Now, let’s get started on making your mini pumpkin:

  1. Begin with a unique stitch called “Desert Glaze” in one color and make a chain of 13 stitches.
  2. Follow this up with 24 rows of crocheting in the back loop only, which gives your pumpkin its cool texture.
  3. Afterward, seal up the bottom of your pumpkin by folding it over and using a slip stitch.
  4. Fashion a delightful stem for your pumpkin using brown yarn.
  5. Seam up your pumpkin, don’t forget to stuff it with poly-fil!
  6. Finish it all off by attaching the stem, and voila, your crochet pumpkin is complete!

What’s fantastic is that you can customize your pumpkin’s size – smaller or larger – by altering the number of chains and rows. So, whether you’re new to crochet or a seasoned pro, enjoy the creative journey of crafting your own mini crochet pumpkins!


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