Feather Stitch Crochet Tutorial


Feather Stitch Crochet Tutorial

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Feather Stitch Crochet Pattern

The video is about learning a new crochet stitch called the “feather stitch.” The person teaching the stitch suggests it’s great for making scarves or blankets and is excited to share it. They use a particular type of yarn and a crochet hook but mention you can use any yarn and hook size you like.

The stitch starts with a foundation half double crochet (FHDC). They explain how to make the FHDC briefly, but there’s also a linked video for more detail. The pattern requires sets of two FHDC stitches plus one additional stitch to get started.

After creating the foundation, they demonstrate the feather stitch. The process involves working into specific spaces and loops to create a textured pattern. The stitch is made of three steps: yarn over, go into a chain space, yarn over, go into a skipped stitch two rows down, yarn over, work into the next chain space, pull through loops, and repeat. This creates a pattern that looks like feathers.

The video shows how to continue making rows of feather stitches until you reach the desired length. To finish the project, they demonstrate how to create a straight edge that matches the starting row. This involves working half double crochets across the row.

The instructor encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel, asks for feedback and questions in the comments section, and wishes everyone happy crocheting.

In summary, the video teaches how to crochet a feather stitch, explaining the steps involved, and encourages viewers to get creative with making scarves or blankets using this stitch.


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