Free Crochet Mommy and Me Apron Pattern

Free Crochet Mommy and Me Apron Pattern

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Free Crochet Mommy and Me Apron Pattern

The video teaches how to crochet an apron with ruffles in two sizes (adult and child). The materials needed include two colors of worsted weight cotton yarn, a crochet hook, scissors, and a yarn needle. It begins with making a half circle for the apron’s skirt using double crochets and increasing stitches in subsequent rows. The pattern increases by adding more double crochets between increases for each row, creating a ruffled effect. After completing the rows, the apron’s ruffles are made by crocheting additional rows with specific instructions for the child and adult sizes. A surface slip stitch is used to neaten the ruffle’s edge. Next, an edging row is crocheted along the apron’s side for attaching a waist tie. The bodice for the top part of the apron is made separately and sewn onto the main piece. Finally, pockets are crocheted separately and sewn onto the apron. The apron is adjustable in size by tying the waist tie in the front or back. The tutorial encourages questions and offers assistance in the comments.


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