Free Crochet Valentine’s Day Headbands Pattern

Free Crochet Valentine's Day Headbands Pattern

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Free Crochet Valentine’s Day Headbands Pattern

The tutorial talks about making cute Valentine’s Day headbands using crochet. The writer made heart-shaped headbands for their daughters and explains how to make three different headbands. They used different yarn colors and hook sizes to create each headband. The instructions include steps with images showing how to crochet the headbands using hair ties as a base. Each headband has its own set of instructions using chains, slip stitches, single crochets, and clusters of double crochets.

After making the headbands, the writer attached heart shapes to them using hot glue, but they suggest stitching the hearts on with yarn or thread. Lastly, they mention that you can sell the headbands you make using these instructions but ask you to give credit to the original designer.



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