Free Heart Bag & Keychain Crochet Pattern


Free Heart Bag & Keychain Crochet Pattern

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Free Heart Bag & Keychain Crochet Pattern

 The video is a guide to make a cute heart-shaped bag and a matching keychain with wings using crocheting. Here’s a simpler breakdown:

The guide teaches how to create two things: a bag shaped like a heart and a keychain with wings. It uses different crochet stitches like single crochet (sc), half double crochet (hdc), double crochet (dc), and slip stitch (ss).

To make the heart-shaped bag, you follow the instructions that are split into different rounds, each with specific crochet steps. Each round adds more stitches to form the heart shape. If you want to make the bag bigger, you can repeat the steps or add more stitches at the end of the rounds.

There’s also a part to make a strap for the bag. The guide suggests that you can decide how wide or long you want the strap to be, and you can use different crochet stitches for it.

For the keychain with wings, you’re directed to another crochet class to learn how to make the heart part, and then you add wings to it. The wings are made separately and attached to the heart-shaped keychain.

The guide refers to a video tutorial on YouTube to help if you get confused while following the written instructions.

Remember, this pattern is based on another tutorial for a heart cushion, and the creator gives credit to that tutorial for the basic pattern of the heart-shaped bag.


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