Free Nanny’s Little Helper Children’s Apron Crochet Pattern


Free Children's Apron Crochet Pattern

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Free Nanny’s Little Helper Children’s Apron Crochet Pattern

The tutorial provides instructions to make a crochet apron for kids called “Nanny’s Little Helper.” To create it, you’ll need yarn in two colors: ‘Soft Mint’ and ‘Cool Blue,’ a 4.5 mm hook, buttons, and a needle. The apron is made by crocheting rows and using specific stitches. You start with the soft mint yarn, then switch to cool blue for the border and pocket.

Here’s a step-by-step of how to make it:

  • First, make the main part of the apron by crocheting rows using soft mint yarn.
  • Next, add a border using the cool blue yarn around the edges and make a pocket with the same yarn.
  • Attach the pocket to the apron, being careful not to sew it closed.
  • Make waist ties and a neck strap separately using both yarn colors.
  • Sew the waist ties to the sides of the apron and the neck strap to the top.
  • The neck strap has buttons but doesn’t unbutton; they’re for decoration.

Remember, the instructions have details about the type of stitches to use, the number of chains, and the rows to make. Follow these steps carefully to create the apron.

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