Halloween Eyeball Crochet Coaster Free Pattern


Halloween Eyeball Coaster Pattern

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Halloween Eyeball Coaster Pattern

This is a pattern to make spooky Halloween-themed coasters for your home. Coasters are those little mats you put your drinks on to protect your tables. These coasters look like eyeballs! They’re made using a special kind of stitching called crochet. Crochet is like making things with yarn and a hook.


You’ll need some materials like black, white, and red cotton yarn (which is strong and easy to clean), a crochet hook, and a yarn needle. There are also some special stitches you’ll learn in the pattern, like the “standing single crochet.”


Here are the steps to make the eyeball coasters:

  1. Start with a magic ring and make rows of stitches to create the front and back of the coaster.
  2. The front part of the coaster has colorful stripes and looks like an eyeball.
  3. The back part is plain white.
  4. You sew the front and back together with red yarn and make lines on the white part to make it look like an eyeball.

Remember, the finished coasters will be about 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches, but it might be a little different based on how you crochet. And don’t worry, the starting chain in each row doesn’t count as a stitch.


This is a fun project to make your home spooky for Halloween, and you can even give these coasters as gifts. Just remember, it’s for personal use only, and you can’t copy or sell the pattern itself, but you can sell the coasters you make from it.


Have fun crocheting your Halloween eyeball coasters!


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