Super Easy Cute Shorts Crochet Tutorial For Beginners


Super Easy Cute Shorts Crochet Tutorial For Beginners

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Super Easy Cute Shorts Crochet Tutorial

The video is a tutorial by Agnes on how to crochet beautiful shorts with an adjustable waistband. Here’s a step-by-step summary:

  1. Agnes demonstrates using a 3.5mm hook, scissors, and size three yarn called Winter King (acrylic yarn made in Kenya). However, any yarn can be used.
  2. She begins by creating a foundation chain for the waistband using a slip knot and chaining enough stitches based on your hip measurements.
  3. After establishing the foundation chain, she proceeds with double crochets for the waistband.
  4. For rows two and three, she alternates between front post and back post double crochets to create a textured pattern.
  5. Rows four to twenty involve half double crochets to form the body of the shorts.
  6. Identifying the middle part of the shorts, she creates the crotch area by chaining a specified number and joining it to the midpoint.
  7. After completing the crotch area, she starts working on each leg hole separately by crocheting rows of half double crochets.
  8. After finishing the leg holes, she adds an edging using shell stitches, creating a decorative pattern.
  9. Finally, she demonstrates making a drawstring by chaining a suitable length and threading it through the waistband.

Agnes encourages viewers to subscribe to her channel, like the video, and leave comments for feedback or suggestions for future tutorials.

In summary, Agnes teaches how to crochet shorts with an adjustable waistband, creating a textured pattern, adding decorative shell stitches, and finishing with a customizable drawstring.


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