The Willow Wanderer Tote Bag Crochet Pattern


The Willow Wanderer Tote Bag Crochet Pattern

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The Willow Wanderer Tote Bag Crochet Pattern

The “Willow Wanderer Tote Crochet Pattern” by Evelyn And Peter Crochet is a guide to make a stylish and practical tote bag using special yarn and crochet techniques. It’s designed in two parts and features different stitches to create a textured look.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Materials Needed: You’ll need special yarn called “Rewind yarn” from Lion Brand in the color Willow, a crochet hook, needle, and scissors.
  • Pattern Details: The tote is made of two panels using a stitch pattern called the Sedge Stitch, which gives the bag its unique texture. You’ll also make straps separately using the Thermal Stitch for durability.
  • Instructions: The pattern provides step-by-step instructions in crochet terms (like Sc, Hdc, Dc, etc.). It guides you on how to make the panels and straps and then assemble them together to create the bag.
  • Helpful Resources: There are video tutorials available to assist in understanding the pattern and stitches. Additionally, the pattern is available in various formats for easy access (PDFs, kits, and online stores).

Overall, it’s a project suitable for beginners with some basic crochet skills. The finished bag is both fashionable and useful for carrying things.


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