Butterfly Crochet Top Tutorial


Butterfly Crochet Top Tutorial

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Butterfly Crochet Top Pattern

In this video, Sheila teaches how to make a beautiful crochet top that looks like a butterfly, which she calls the “Shelly Butterfly Top.” Sheila created this design herself and used different yarns to make variations of the top. She explains the materials needed, such as yarn, crochet hook, scissors, and a darning needle.

She starts by demonstrating how to crochet the top wings of the butterfly, explaining the stitches and how to increase them to create the wing shape. Sheila guides viewers on crocheting rows for the upper and lower wings of the butterfly top, detailing the specific stitches needed.

She also covers how to decrease the wing size gradually and create a pattern for the top’s body. Toward the end, she explains closing up a few rows near the top’s head to offer more coverage for the cleavage area.

Overall, Sheila’s tutorial shows step-by-step instructions on how to crochet a butterfly-shaped top using different crochet techniques and stitches.


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