Y2k Crochet Mesh Front Tie Cardigan Tutorial


Y2k Crochet Mesh Front Tie Cardigan Tutorial

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Y2k Crochet Mesh Front Tie Cardigan

The video is a tutorial for making a crochet mesh front tie cardigan. To make this cardigan, you’ll need some materials: yarn, a crochet hook, scissors, and a tape measure. The tutorial explains how to create a gauge swatch (a small sample) to check the size of your stitches. Using measurements from your gauge swatch and your shoulder width, you’ll calculate the number of foundation slip stitches needed for the back panel.

The tutorial then demonstrates the process of crocheting the back panel, creating mesh stitches, and working rows to achieve the desired length. After completing the back panel, it teaches how to start the front panels, increasing stitches on the inside edge only. The tutorial guides you through creating the front panels and increasing mesh stitches to form the sleeves. It suggests trying on the cardigan to check the fit before finishing the sleeves.

Lastly, it shows how to seam the sides together, suggests trying on the completed piece, and demonstrates how to finish the sleeves by crocheting mesh stitches in rounds. Once completed, you’ll have a tie-front crochet cardigan.

If there are any uncertainties, the tutorial encourages asking questions for clarification.


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