Crochet Granny Hexagon Pullover Tutorial


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Crochet Granny Hexagon Pullover Pattern


The “Granny Hexagon Pullover Crochet Tutorial” teaches how to make a sweater using crochet. It requires a 5mm crochet hook, stitch markers or colored yarn for identification, and a specific type of yarn called Karen Cotton Cakes. The sweater is made of two identical pieces—a hexagon and a sleeve attached to it. The tutorial starts with making a magic circle and chaining three, followed by crocheting clusters of double crochets and chains into the circle to form clusters and create the hexagonal shape.


The process involves creating rows by crocheting clusters in the spaces between previous clusters, gradually increasing the hexagon’s size. After several rounds, the pattern shifts to working on sleeves and adding rows to customize the sweater’s width and length. The tutorial demonstrates how to extend the hexagon, join the pieces, work on the sleeves, and finally, finish the sweater’s bottom and collar with single crochet rows.


The tutorial offers flexibility, allowing customization for sleeve length, sweater width, and overall fit. It emphasizes paying attention to corner stitches, using markers for guidance, and weaving in ends for a neat finish.



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