Cute Crochet Panda Coaster Tutorial


Cute Crochet Panda Coaster Tutorial


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Cute Crochet Panda Coaster Tutorial


The video is about making a cute panda coaster and doll using crochet. The creator, Monggeuline, shows how to create a coaster for cups and later explains that the following parts will demonstrate making a panda doll. The materials needed are threads in colors like gray, ivory, a crochet needle, scissors, and cotton. The coaster starts with a magic ring and then progresses to single crochet stitches in a circular pattern. The instructions guide how to close the magic ring and continue crocheting until completing the coaster.


For the panda doll, the creator provides instructions on crocheting various parts like the head, body, and legs. They show how to stuff and shape each part and then sew them together to make the complete doll. The video ends with encouragement to watch the next part for creating the panda doll and thanking viewers for watching.


In simpler terms, it’s a fun tutorial showing how to crochet a cute panda coaster for cups and a panda doll using threads and a crochet needle. The video teaches step-by-step instructions on making these adorable crochet creations.


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