Crochet Hooded Cowl Top Tutorial

Crochet Hooded Cowl Top Tutorial

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Crochet Hooded Cowl Top Tutorial

The video is a tutorial on making a hooded crochet cowl top, perfect for beginners. It uses basic stitches and involves working in different loops to create a textured pattern. To start, you need yarn, a crochet hook, a yarn needle, and scissors.

First, you make a foundation chain by looping the yarn on your crochet hook. Then, you join the ends to form a circle and begin crocheting in single crochets. The pattern alternates between working in the front and back loops of the stitches to create a textured effect.

You continue repeating rounds three and four, working in joined and turned rows until the cowl reaches the desired length. After completing these rounds, you finish the edge with single crochets.

The video also explains how to create a ribbed cuff, which involves working several rows in a specific way and then joining and sewing the edges together to form the cowl. Finally, it suggests visiting the creator’s website for more crochet patterns and assistance if needed.


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