Easy Crochet Torba Handbag Tutorial for Beginners


Easy Crochet Torba Handbag Tutorial

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Easy Crochet Torba Handbag Tutorial

The video tutorial is about making a handbag using crocheting techniques and T-shirt yarn. The bag’s dimensions are approximately 24 cm in height, 30 cm in width, and the bottom measures 21 by 12 cm. The tutorial includes instructions on crocheting the bag, making a lining for it, and adding a strap and decorative elements.

To make the bag, you’ll need specific materials like knitting yarn in three colors (emerald, menthol, and milky), a crochet hook, rings, carabiners, fabric for the lining, and some basic sewing supplies.

The tutorial covers crocheting the bottom and walls of the bag, changing yarn colors, creating a puff for the bag’s top, making a holder for the puff, crocheting the bag’s strap, and attaching carabiners to it. It also demonstrates how to make a brush and sew a lining for the bag.

Throughout the video, the instructor provides step-by-step guidance on crocheting techniques, changing yarn colors, making specific stitches, creating various bag components, and finishing touches. The tutorial emphasizes hiding yarn ends and securing knots.

The presenter encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel for more similar tutorials and asks for suggestions for future videos. The overall tutorial lasts a while and uses specific amounts of different yarn colors.

It’s a fun and creative tutorial for those interested in learning how to crochet a unique handbag using T-shirt yarn!


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