Crochet Puff V-Stitch Stitch Tutorial


Crochet Puff V-Stitch Stitch Tutorial

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Crochet Puff V-Stitch Stitch Pattern

The video is about learning a crochet stitch called the “Puff V Stitch.” It’s a simple pattern that’s repeated in just one row. The stitch is used to make scarves or blankets and is reversible, meaning it looks good on both sides. The tutorial starts by showing how to make a slip knot and then chaining a specific number of stitches. The first row involves single crochet and chaining in a sequence. Row two introduces the puff V stitch, which involves making tall, airy stitches using yarn overs and loops on the hook. Row three repeats the puff V stitch in a simpler way, creating columns of these stitches. To finish the project, you end with a double crochet and weave in the loose yarn ends. The video explains each step in detail to help beginners learn this new crochet technique.


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