Crochet Square Neck Top Tutorial


Crochet Square Neck Top Tutorial

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Crochet Square Neck Top Pattern

The video is a crochet tutorial by Miu showing how to make a square neck
top. Miu makes a white top with a blue lining to make it easier to see.
She gives her measurements but suggests changing them to fit your size.
The tutorial starts with making the back panel using chains and half
double crochets for ribbing. Then she works on the front panel and the
sides without connecting anything yet. After finishing both panels, she
joins them together and adds straps on the sides for the square neck.
Then, she creates a lining using a different color yarn and adds a
ribbon for decoration. Finally, she finishes by weaving the loose ends.
Miu suggests asking questions on Instagram and hopes everyone enjoys
making the top.


– 140g dk yarn (color one and for size small) (weight 3-4 would work)
– small amount for color two (just for the trimming)
– scissors, pins, darning needle
– hook (i used 3.5 mm)
back ribbing:
ch 20
ch2 (height)
hdc 4th ch from hook all the way down
hdc blo x16 rows

front panel:
ch 95 (adjust according to own body)
ch 2 (height)
hdc all the way down x10 rows

try on and pin strap placement
8hdc x6 rows
9hdc x23 rows (adjust)

bottom half:
sc along bottom
ch 4
skip st and tr
ch 1
cont. all around
x 11 rows

sc along the inside and add bow! 


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