Easy Crochet Ribbed Crop Top Tutorial


Easy Crochet Ribbed Crop Top Tutorial

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Kanata Kerchief Tank Free Crochet Pattern

The video tutorial is about making a ribbed crop top using crochet. The creator shows how to make both the front and back parts of the top using basic crochet stitches like slip stitch, single crochet, and chain stitches. The tutorial focuses on creating the ribbing effect for the top, making it stretchy and easy to wear. Different techniques are explained, like making the neckline deeper for the front part compared to the back part.

The process involves creating rows using different crochet stitches, like moss stitch and slip stitch back loop only. The tutorial guides on how to increase, decrease, and shape the top to fit the body. It also demonstrates how to create the sleeves and add ribbing around the neckline to finish the top.

Overall, it’s a beginner-friendly tutorial for making a stretchy and fashionable crop top using crochet techniques.


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