Crochet Triple Granny Square Top Tutorial


Crochet Triple Granny Square Top Tutorial

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Crochet Triple Granny Square Top Tutorial

The video is a tutorial on how to crochet a top using granny squares. The instructor thanks viewers for their support on social media and explains the materials needed: scissors, a crochet hook, yarn, a yarn needle, and a stitch marker. They use Red Heart Super Saver yarn in light gray for demonstration but mention that any yarn can be used.

The tutorial starts with creating a magic circle and chaining two, then demonstrates double crochet stitches and chaining to form a square. The instructor repeats this process to create the granny square pattern. They detail how to close the square, create straps, and finish off the granny squares for the cups.

Later, the instructor shows how to create a larger square for the torso, similar to the granny square cups. They explain how to join the cups and torso squares together using a sewing technique called the mattress stitch. Finally, they demonstrate how to weave in loose ends and lace up the straps to finish the crochet top.

The tutorial emphasizes that the top is beginner-friendly and encourages viewers to follow along, mentioning plans for more tutorials in the future. The instructor asks for feedback to improve future tutorials and encourages viewers to check out their other social media platforms for more crochet designs.

Overall, the video is a step-by-step guide on how to crochet a stylish top using granny squares and basic crochet techniques.


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