Crochet a Mesh Front Bowtie Top Tutorial


Crochet a Mesh Front Bowtie Top Tutorial

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Crochet a Mesh Front Bowtie Top Tutorial

The video explains how to make a special type of clothing called a “mesh front bowtie top” using crocheting, which is a method of making fabric from yarn using a crochet hook. To make this top, you’ll need a 5mm crochet hook and scissors.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Start by making a chain: Use the crochet hook to create a chain that fits around your upper body, similar to the size of your bust. If you want the top to stretch more, make the chain slightly smaller. This chain will form the base of your top.

  2. Create a mesh pattern: Use double crochet stitches and chains to create a pattern that leaves gaps in between. This pattern is repeated throughout the rows to make the mesh design. This mesh pattern forms the body of the top.

  3. Make the cups: Once you’ve made enough rows for the body of the top, you’ll create the cups by working fewer stitches in specific sections. This will shape the top into a triangular form.

  4. Form the straps: After creating the cups, continue crocheting to form the straps of the top. You’ll crochet a separate piece for each strap, making sure they’re even in length.

  5. Attach the straps: Attach the straps to the top by weaving them in a specific area near the cups. This creates the shoulder straps for the top.

  6. Create the bowtie: Make a long chain of stitches, which will become the bowtie. Weave this chain through the front of the top to create a decorative bowtie.

  7. Final touches: Ensure both sides of the top are even by measuring and adjusting the straps. Once everything is in place, tie the ends securely and cut off any excess yarn.

  8. Finish: Put on your new top by tying the bowtie at the front, and you’re all done!

Remember, crocheting might take some practice, but following these steps can help you create a stylish and unique mesh front bowtie top!

(Note: Crocheting involves using specific techniques with a crochet hook and yarn to create patterns and fabric. The video demonstrates each step visually.)


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