Crochet Wildflower Blanket Free Pattern

Crochet Wildflower Blanket Free Pattern

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Crochet Wildflower Blanket Free Pattern

The author of the pattern, Island Wildflower, decided to update an older pattern they had created called Wildflower. They wanted to make it even better and decided to share it for free with others to enjoy. They used a special yarn called Scheepjes Stone Washed, which comes in many beautiful colors.


They chose 12 different colors for their project, creating a vibrant and tropical palette. The author was really excited about the colors they picked and how they would look together. They also mentioned that they had a friend testing the pattern to make sure it worked correctly.


The pattern involves making small crochet squares and then joining them together to create a larger blanket. The author provided detailed instructions on how to make these squares and how to join them. They also included information about the yarn and where to find it.


Overall, the Island Wildflower pattern is a fun crochet project that uses colorful yarn to make a beautiful blanket, and it’s available for free for anyone who wants to try it.


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