Off Shoulder Crochet Sage Top Tutorial


Off Shoulder Crochet Sage Top Tutorial

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Off Shoulder Crochet Sage Top Tutorial

 The video is a tutorial on how to crochet a sage top. The top has a boat neck and an off-the-shoulder style, making it great for summer with a flowy fit. The tutorial suggests using worsted cotton yarn and a 5mm hook but mentions that any worsted weight yarn and hook size can be used.

It starts by creating a neckline by chaining a multiple of six stitches and marking sections for the neckline and sleeves. The tutorial demonstrates making increases and creating rows to form the top. Then, it moves to create a granny square detail that will be sewn onto the top later.

After completing the granny square, the tutorial explains how to attach it to the top by crocheting around it. The instructions show how to adjust the top’s width for a more fitted look and then sew the granny square onto the main body of the top. Finally, it completes the top by crocheting around it until the desired length is achieved.

The tutorial ends by encouraging viewers to experiment and thanking them for following along.

In essence, it’s a step-by-step guide for creating a stylish crocheted sage top with a unique off-the-shoulder design and a decorative granny square detail.


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