Ruby Sleeveless Asymmetrical Crochet Top Tutorial


Ruby Sleeveless Asymmetrical Crochet Top Tutorial

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Ruby Sleeveless Asymmetrical Crochet Top Tutorial

The tutorial is about making a unique sleeveless top using crochet techniques. It’s called the “Ruby Sleeveless Asymmetrical Crochet Top.” The top has a special design with an uneven bottom and ties at the back. The creator uses a crochet hook and yarn to make it, suggesting specific materials but saying you can use different ones if you adjust the hook size.

The tutorial teaches how to start the top by making a chain based on your preferred length, ensuring it fits from your shoulder to your bust without stretching. Then, it shows a particular crochet stitch called the yarn over slip stitch, demonstrating how to create rows with this stitch by working into different loops at the front and back to create a knit-like appearance.

It explains how to make the front and back panels separately using the same stitch pattern, ensuring the width matches. Then, it demonstrates how to join the panels together at the shoulders, mentioning to mark stitches to ensure symmetry.

After joining the panels, the tutorial shows how to make ties for the back of the top by crocheting rows and finishing with slip stitches. Finally, it demonstrates how to tighten the bottom edge of the top by adding slip stitches.

The tutorial encourages viewers to measure accurately and maintain loose tension in their stitches for better results. It also suggests contacting the creator through social media to share completed projects.

Overall, it’s a step-by-step guide using crochet techniques to make a stylish sleeveless top with an asymmetrical design and tie-back.



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