Spiral Sweater Crochet Tutorial


Spiral Sweater Crochet Tutorial

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Spiral Sweater Crochet Tutorial


The video is a crochet tutorial for making a spiral sweater. The creator talks about their excitement and how it took time to perfect the design. They mention using specific yarn, a 5 mm hook, scissors, a tapestry needle, measuring tape, knit blocking mats, pins, and stitch markers.

They start by demonstrating how to create a magic circle, then proceed to crochet different stitches like single crochets, half double crochets, and double crochets in a spiral pattern using two different colors. The tutorial progresses by increasing stitches in certain sections to create the spiral effect.

Once the spiral base is finished, they explain how to create the sweater’s body by working rows with different crochet stitches like single, half double, double, and triple crochets to form corners. They emphasize the importance of maintaining the stitch count and adding extra stitches to accommodate the corners.

The video also covers making the sleeves by crocheting rows and sewing them onto the sweater. The creator shares their experience, mentioning a mistake they made while working on the sleeves and how they corrected it.

In the end, they showcase the finished spiral sweater, expressing satisfaction with the final product and encouraging viewers to try making their own.


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